Free WordPress Plugin – Amazon CloudFront as CDN

WOW! 5 years since I wrote this blog about my plugin AWS CDN by WPAdmin. It was exciting to provide something of use to the open source community. Today, I finally launched version 2.0 of this plugin and it wouldnt have been possible if I had not received feedback from the awesome users of WordPress and their support requests on the WordPress forums. for those who were asking for Invalidation will have to wait… sorry 🙁

Oh! one more thing, the request to make a donation now has a separate page and does not show on top of any screens. Having said that, donations really help to keep this plugin afloat. I hope you recognize the efforts required to  provide something that is useful & FREE. If you do, I would appreciate if you would buy me a coffee.

I believe, the plugin is now intuitive with easy to use options and flexible enough to  adapt to various requests.

The key features of version 2.0:

  • Access Key ID is stored in the database, Secret Key is never stored
  • Separate page for requesting an SSL certificate from Amazon ACM
  • Option to verify SSL cert using DNS or Email
  • Set Pricing Class on CloudFront
  • List Existing Distributions
  • List existing SSL certificate
  • Delete existing SSL certificate
  • Exclude certain files based on wildcard words. For example: Adding pdf to the wildcard box will not load the pdf files from cdn
  • Ability to disable cdn on specific pages
  • Enable / Disable CDN by changing a single value

Download the Plugin from WordPress Directory

The AWS CDN Setup page

AWS SSL Certificate Manager

Inactive Coudfront distribution

Active Cloudfront distribution

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